C-log & C-log3 LUTs for the EOS R, R5, R6 and 1DX Mark III

Convert Canon Log to Rec709

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While Canon does offer official LUTs for C-log footage from their cinema line of cameras, those LUTs don't work well with C-log footage from the EOS R, R5, R6 and 5D Mark IV. They're too punchy, skin tones look off, and vibrant colors quickly turn toxic.

That's why I decided to create a LUT package specifically for C-log footage from the EOS R, R5, R6 and 5D Mark IV. They convert the C-log footage to rec709 without altering the colors, and can be used for quick turnaround, or as a starting point for further grading.

Available C-log LUT Packs:

C-log LUT Pack

The C-log LUT pack is compatible with all models that support C-log: the EOS R, R5 & R6 as well as the 5D Mark III and 1DX Mark III.

To account for various types of lighting, I've included a few different LUTs, in .cube format:

  • C-Log to rec709 > works for most shots
  • C-Log to rec709 Preserve Highlights > a punchier LUT while preserving highlights
  • C-Log to rec709 Wide DR > a flatter LUT, great if you want to grade the footage further or add another LUT
  • C-Log to rec709 Warm > a slightly warmer LUT to compensate for the cooler white balance on some models
  • C-log to Rec709 Natural > Slightly more subtle than the standard LUT, for a more natural look. Also compensates for the gamma-shift that can occur when transcoding footage on some platforms.

The LUT pack also comes with a short guide on how to use these LUTs in different situations.

C-log3 LUT Pack

The C-log3 LUT Pack is compatible with the Canon R5, R6 and 1DX Mark III. It will also be compatible with the R3 once it's released.

The C-log3 LUT Pack contains LUTs for both BT.709 and Cinema Gamut color spaces, including LUTs for high contrast scenes, cloudy days, and low light situations. I've designed LUTs to take advantage of the extra stop of dynamic range in the highlights while retaining an organic, cinematic feel.

For Cinema Gamut I also created a creative LUT: the Cinea-LUT, which transforms the colors to be more ARRI Alexa-like. Great for skin-tones, vibrant landscapes and moody indoor scenes.

How to use these LUTs?

Because log profiles retain most information in the midtones and highlights, it's best to over-expose slightly and bring down the exposure in post. A LUT doesn't magically look good on every shot. When you apply the LUT, adjust the exposure/contrast until it fits the scene. For low-contrast scenes (e.g. a cloudy day), add contrast to taste. For low-light footage it's best not to over-expose and apply one of the included low-contrast LUTs, or dial back the intensity of the LUT.

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