C-log LUTs for the EOS R and 5D Mark IV

Convert Canon Log to Rec709

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While Canon does offer official LUTs for C-log footage from their cinema line of cameras, those LUTs don't work well with C-log footage from the EOS R and 5D Mark IV. They're too punchy, skin tones look off, and vibrant colors quickly turn toxic.

That's why I decided to create a LUT package specifically for C-log footage from the EOS R and 5D Mark IV. They convert the C-log footage to rec709 without altering the colors, and can be used for quick turnaround, or as a starting point for further grading.

What's included?

To account for various types of lighting, I've included a few different LUTs, in .cube and .3dl formats:

  • C-Log to rec709 > works for most shots
  • C-Log to rec709 Preserve Higlights > a punchier LUT while preserving highlights
  • C-Log to rec709 Wide DR > a flatter LUT, great if you want to grade the footage further or add another LUT
  • C-Log to rec709 Warm > a slightly warmer LUT, see below

How to use these LUTs?


Expose as you normally would, using your camera's built-in View Assist function, or using the exposure tools on your external monitor. Be sure to overexpose shots with large shadow areas slightly.


The default sharpness setting for C-log is 0, and this can't be adjusted using a LUT. If you shoot a lot of wide-angle or landscape shots with lots of detail, you're probably going to want to bump up the sharpness in camera or in post. To match the sharpness of the standard picture profile in-camera, go to:

Canon log settings > Characteristics > Sharpness, and set it to 4

White Balance

As noted by others, when using the same white balance settings on both the 5D mark IV and the EOS R, the latter seems to turn out a little colder. To compensate for that, I also included a 'Warm' LUT. Of course, this LUT can also be creatively, to make cold light a little more cozy.

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Get the C-log LUTs on Gumroad