Flat picture style for Canon mirrorless cameras

for cameras without Canon Log

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Filmkit Flat is a picture style that expands the dynamic range on Canon mirrorless cameras that do not come with C-log (like the M50, M6 Mark II and EOS RP). It is tuned to take advantage of the additional dynamic range and image pipeline in Canons recent mirrorless cameras. It closely matches the official Canon Log found on the EOS R, so it is fully compatible with LUTs designed for Canon Log. The picture style can be installed on any Canon mirrorless or DSLR that supports custom picture styles.

I've tried many of the third-party flat/c-log-like picture styles available, but they were either:

  • much flatter than actual Canon log, making them harder to match to other cameras and grade
  • skewing the colors in unnatural ways
  • straining the 8 bit codec, leading to noise and artifacts
  • leaving an artificial grey 'haze' over the footage, even after grading

That's why I decided to create a picture style for Canon mirrorless cameras that fit my requirements of matching Canon-log as closely as possible, retaining accurate color response (no reds turning purple), and minimizing degradation of the image.

What's included?

Filmkit Flat comes with the picture style (in .pf3 format) and a LUT (in .cube format) for converting the footage shot with the Filmkit Flat profile back to Rec709.


The picture styles are compatible with every Canon mirrorless and DSLR that supports user-defined picture profiles, which means every Canon camera released in the last 10 years.

Unlike C-log, you can also use this picture profile for photography. It will greatly improve the dynamic range of your images compared to the standard picture profiles. You can then apply the included LUT in Photoshop via:

Image > Adjustments > Color lookup

How to install Filmkit Flat?

To install the picture style on your Canon DSLR or mirrorless, you need the free Canon EOS Utility. First, make sure your camera is set to the manual photo mode. Then connect your camera to your computer via USB and open EOS Utility. In the app, click on:

Remote Shooting > Picture Style > User defined 1 > Register User Defined Style

Then click on the folder/browse icon to select the picture style.

Get Filmkit Flat

Get Filmkit Flat on Gumroad