LUT Pack

Filmkit C-log 3 LUTs

for Canon R5, R6, R6 II, R7 and R8
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This C-log 3 LUT pack is meant to provide you with a great-looking and punchy image, without the hassle. It comes with 15 LUTs for C-log 3 Cinema Gamut, BT.709 and BT.2020. For the best results, slightly over-expose your footage and the LUTs will fall right into place.

How are these LUTs different from the Canon provided ones?

  • Canons official LUTs still need some tweaking, this LUT pack provides a finished look out of the box.
  • Canons official C-log 3 LUTs raise the lower midtones, which can introduce noise in your footage. The Filmkit C-log 3 LUT pack does not raise the midtones, giving you a cleaner end result.
  • Canons official LUTs only provide one LUT per color space, this LUT pack provides several different looks.
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