LUT Pack

Panasonic Lumix V-log LUTs

for GH6, S1H, S1, S5 & S5 II
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V-log is easily one of the most flexible LOG formats for mirrorless cameras around: it provides tons of dynamic range and colors that are easy to push around. However, the LUTs for V-log that Panasonic provides suffer from stong color-shifts (magenta/green). I created this LUT pack to provide a more natural starting point, with a smoother contrast curve than the Panasonic LUTs provide. It also contains two "Cinea" LUTs to for rich Alexa-like cinematic colors.

How to use the LUTs?

Because V-log retains most dynamic range in the midtones and highlights, it's best to slightly over-expose, and correct the exposure after applying the LUT.

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