LUT Pack

Filmkit C-log 3 WideDR LUTs

for Canon R5c, R3 and C70
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Canons most recent cameras retain a lot more dynamic range than models from just a few years ago, and with 10bit and C-log 3 we now have a lot more control over the final image. This LUT pack aims to preserve as much of your camera's dynamic range, while still giving you punchy midtones and an image that is easy to grade further. Great for high dynamic shots like interiors with window light, landscapes and low-light scenes. Highlights roll-of smoothly into midtones, and shadow detail is preserved, lending your footage a natural, cinematic feel.

For the best results, over-expose your footage slightly and bring the exposure down using one of the "strength 1-4" LUTs that come with the pack. Cameras that capture more dynamic range (like the R5C, R3 and C70) especially benefit from this LUT pack, as the shadows and highlights aren't clipped. The LUT pack also contains a "Skintone Pop" LUT, which makes skintones really come alive.

Note: this LUT pack is meant for C-log3 Cinema Gamut footage

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