Filmkit UnFlat plugin for FCPX

Convert log footage to Rec709 with fine-grained controls

Filmkit UnFlat is a new FCPX plugin for converting ANY flat or log footage to Rec709. UnFlat takes de-logging further than just slapping on a LUT: it gives you fine-grained control over the LUT, S-curve, exposure, contrast, saturation, white balance and tint.

When grading flat footage in FCPX you often need several different effects and plugins: you make curves adjustments, apply a LUT, change the white balance, add some saturation, etc. These are all separate effects in FCPX and when you apply them to every clip, things get messy quickly. Filmkit UnFlat bundles everything you need into a single, convenient plugin that is simple and fast to use. It contains the following controls:

  • LUT chooser
  • LUT mix control
  • S-curve: apply an S-curve to the footage and adjust its strength
  • Exposure
  • Contrast
  • Saturation
  • White Balance
  • White Balance Tint

UnFlat is compatible with log-footage from any camera, and allows you to mix-and-match your preferred method of working with log footage. You can apply a LUT designed for your camera, apply an S-curve, add contrast or freely combine any of these methods.

How to install?

To install the plugin, unzip it and move the folder to:

Home > Films > Motion Templates > Effects

If the folder 'Motion Templates' doesn't exist, follow these instructions to create it.

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