new website

Welcome to the brand new Filmkit website!

The aim of the Filmkit website has always been to help you create new things. We have in-depth articles about how to get the most out of your camera, Filmkit Flat and LUT packs for a growing number of cameras, and now we're adding a collection of handy, interactive online tools for filmmakers!

Tools for Filmmakers

We're launching 3 new tools, with more to come:

  • LUT Viewer: test out your LUTs, right in the browser and save the resulting images
  • Video Inspector: get detailed specs about your video files, like codec, bitrate, color space and much more!
  • Aspect Ratio Calculator: resize your videos while maintaining the same aspect ratio (e.g. when embedding on websites)

Other new features

Some other new features include:

  • a completely new design
  • new articles
  • new products
  • the full website can now be installed as a progessive web app on you phone/tablet
  • the RSS feed is back
  • lots of small improvements, and a lot more to come!

I hope you enjoy the new Filmkit website, stay tuned for more!

The website was built from the ground up using Sveltekit and hosted on Vercel.

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